Route of the Americas

Route of the Americas

When PAHO’s Directing Council approved the first Regional Plan of Action in the world for Health in All Policies in September 2014, it took the lead in implementing an innovative and ambitious approach to the formulation of public policies. HiAP was first defined in the Adelaide Declaration of 2010 and then in the global framework for action by the countries in the Helsinki declaration. The prompt action of the Organization reveals the promise of this new approach to health promotion and the broad support of its goals and objectives.

At the same time, the HIAP incorporates many elements of health promotion and the formulation of health policies that have been developed and debated for decades. It is based on the widespread view of health and well-being defined by Alma Ata (1978) and addressing the  public health policies established in the Ottawa Charter (1986). It also recognizes the important contributions of the movement in addressing  the social determinants of health and health equities identified by the WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health (2008).

In the context of the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion, Health in All Policies is defined as "an approach to public policies across sectors that systematically takes into account the health implications of decisions, seeks synergies, and avoids harmful health impacts, in order to improve population health and health equity”. In the framework for country action, PAHO’s  Action Plan on HiAP was based on six strategic areas identified in the Declaration of Helsinki as well as on elements from the Rio Political Declaration on Social Determinants of Health and the Rio + 20 Conference on Sustainable Development, which required dynamic approaches to policymakingacross sectors to address growing inequities, particularly in the area of health.

Due to its importance, a strategy to move the Plan of Action on HIAP into effective results was put into action. Given its innovative nature, expert guidance was sought and   experiences have been studied both in the Region of the Americas and elsewhere. With these objectives in mind, the Special Program on Sustainable Development and Health Equity organized an Expert Consultation on HiAP in Washington, DC, from March 31 to April 1, 2015. This meeting provided an opportunity to gather world leaders in the field as well as experts from academia and politics of the Americas and other countries with relevant experience in HiAP, such as Finland and Australia. The purpose of this meeting was to translate the Plan of Action on HIAP into a roadmap, identifying concrete actions that would be crucial for the Region to implement HiAP.


For decades, years, and months, many communities and governments of the Americas have been striving for ways to improve human development and the quality of life for its people. The programs and experiences that meet the criteria for Health in All Policies (HiAP) have been included in our site. These experiences embody the values, purposes and values of HiAP. Do you have an experience that meets the criteria of HiAP? If so, please download the form and submit your experience. A team at PAHO will review it and if it is approved it will be published on this website. To be considered please fill the form and email it to:

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