Cencinai: Education Centers, Nutrition and Holistic Care

A family living in poverty and vulnerability faces the risk of nurturing its children inadequately. A wide inter-sectoral response led by Health and Education was successful in providing this children in Costa Rica with holistic care as well as nutrition and education services. Working mothers are also given the support they need to succeed. This is an example of inter-sectoral coordination in the presence of a social determinant of health.

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National Policy for Tobacco Control

Since 2003, by presidential decree, Brazil created the National Commission for Implementation of the Convention for Tobacco Control (CONICQ). The Commission comprises 18 areas of government acting together; for example: Finance develops tax policy, and combats the illegal tobacco market; Justice elaborates materials on illicit drugs; Agrarian Development, carries out a national program to promote crop area diversification, among other actions. Different sectors are working together for Health in All Policies (HiAP).

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Pernambuco: A Network of Healthy Municipalities

In Pernambuco , Brazil, they have woven a strong network that involves leaders from the government, university and the community . Everyone collaborates by providing: courses, dissemination, volunteering, and specific plans to make municipalities a healthy experience. Everyone works as a network by meeting, coordinating and acting together. The goal is to develop health equity, social justice, cooperation and the preception of happiness.

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The Cuban Health System

Cuba exemplifies a process of incorporating the focus of health promotion in the national system that was initiated at the time of the Revolution, and adapted to the perspective of the social determinants of health over time. It is a case of inter-sectoral work that has been institutionalized and is reflected in the Constitution, where all relevant actor, including community representatives, are summoned to collaborate on the design, implementation and monitoring of policies and programs.

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For decades, years, and months, many communities and governments of the Americas have been striving for ways to improve human development and the quality of life for its people. The programs and experiences that meet the criteria for Health in All Policies (HiAP) have been included in our site. These experiences embody the values, purposes and values of HiAP. Do you have an experience that meets the criteria of HiAP? If so, please download the form and submit your experience. A team at PAHO will review it and if it is approved it will be published on this website. To be considered please fill the form and email it to:

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