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Medellin: A Healthy City for living

In 2012, Medellin set out to transform itself into a healthy city. It assessed its past, reevaluating the achievements and developments of previous administrations. It studied its present, joining efforts with the University of Antioquia, assessing the challenges and possibilities of a healthy model for the city. And the city began to build its vision by joining citizens, their organizations and the private sector. These efforts have allowed that in the recent four years the city has invested its resources and efforts to improve its surroundings where people can either gain or lose health by acting on key determinants such as the environment, employment, education, housing and poverty. Since then the Ministry of Health not only runs the programs it is responsible for, it also coordinates and supports all of the health generating structure of the city.

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Health Promotion Through Community Radio AMORB / FM

In Porto Alegre , Brazil, an example of intersectoral information exchange has been launched through a community radio microphone. The radio program " In the Radio Waves " talks and raises awareness about health and its promotion . Speakers have a dialogue with the audience on how to empower themselves to achieve a better quality of life and to learn about disease prevention. This is a case study of community organization, in collaboration with different institutions.

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Health Promotion by Fighting Cholera

The Haitian Ministry of Health spearheaded the Strategy to Promote Health and Quality of Life in the Fight against Cholera in Haiti with support from the international community. This program grew out of the destruction and health challenges caused by the 2010 earthquake that devastated the island. An example of intersectoral action at the information sharing and cooperation levels, this strategy provides education and training to promote public awareness and community participation and empowerment to control the epidemic.

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For decades, years, and months, many communities and governments of the Americas have been striving for ways to improve human development and the quality of life for its people. The programs and experiences that meet the criteria for Health in All Policies (HiAP) have been included in our site. These experiences embody the values, purposes and values of HiAP. Do you have an experience that meets the criteria of HiAP? If so, please download the form and submit your experience. A team at PAHO will review it and if it is approved it will be published on this website. To be considered please fill the form and email it to:

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