Strategy to Combat Overweight and Obesity

In Mexico, the numbers of overweight and obese people are increasing every year, as well as the diseases associated to these conditions . To meet this challenge, a National Agreement for Healthy Nutrition was proposed. Different sectors promote food regulation, changing the family diet and creating awareness of eating habits, and increasing physical activity. Each sector has a specific agenda that is coordinated with the rest.

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Intersectoral Health Commision (CISALUD)

The Intersectoral Health Commission of El Salvador is a space for horizontal dialogue where different sectors define health priorities. The sectors make recommendations and each focuses its decisions and resources to develop actions that affect the Social Determinants of Health and promote health equity.

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Faces, Voices and Places in the Bolivian Chaco

This experience is an example of local development and health in the communities of the Guarani in the Bolivian Chacoregion. The program approaches reality with a focus on the social determinants of health . It focuses on the coordination of national, subnational and local levels, as a strategy to improve the health of vulnerable people. The results are positive as the program manages to aid this specific population with its particular challenges and opportunities.

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Planal: A National Sovereignty, Food Safety And Nutrition Plan

PLANAL is an experience in Paraguay where a government and its citizens work together to respond with holisticpolicies and actions to fight the main causes of food insecurity. It is a global governance strategy to improve the efficiency of State action. In this case a strong intersectoral coordination seeks to overcome the fragmented efforts and reverse the unequal distribution of resources.

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For decades, years, and months, many communities and governments of the Americas have been striving for ways to improve human development and the quality of life for its people. The programs and experiences that meet the criteria for Health in All Policies (HiAP) have been included in our site. These experiences embody the values, purposes and values of HiAP. Do you have an experience that meets the criteria of HiAP? If so, please download the form and submit your experience. A team at PAHO will review it and if it is approved it will be published on this website. To be considered please fill the form and email it to:

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