• National Commission of Health and Tourism CONSATUR

National Commission of Health and Tourism CONSATUR

The National Commission of Health and Tourism (CONSATUR) , aims to promote and implement the development of the National Health and Tourism Plan and implement programs to ensure the overall health of populations and sectors involved in tourism activities. Created by presidential decree in January 2005, its origins dates back to 1998 when it began as the Cooperation Agreement . It has its own budget and its own regulating abilities in the areas of tourism and health. Its aim is that to decrease the risk factors of disease or injury in the experiences of both tourists and local inhabitants, as well as to create an environment where the population has a favorable environment to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Meets the criteria established under Health in All Policies:

  • Political commitment. Political commitment is manifested through Presidential Decree (15-05) expressing the political will of the government and the involvement of all the different actors and sectors involved.
  • Separate Structure. It has its own structure, CONSATUR is understood as a space for coordination with other sectors, chaired by the Ministry of Health and implemented jointly with the Ministry of Tourism, where other actors are acting members are selected by competence and as required.
  • Participation of other sectors. The experience is led by Health and Tourism. Health is responsible for the regulation and management of the process. Other sectors involved are Tourism, the Tourist Police, Environment, Water management, local governments across the Dominican Municipal League , the Federation of Municipalities FEDOMU , the education sector and labor organizations such as the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants, ASONAHRE .
  • Separate budget. It has its own budget allocated in the national budget and supported with funds from the participating organizations, including PAHO/WHO and ASONAHORE .
  • Focus on reducing inequity. Acts to reduce inequality with a focus on the Social Determinants of Health . The country has a strong migration of people living in poverty to areas of greater tourist presence, where they sit waiting for an opportunity to work and to have a better life. The aim of CONSATUR is to provide this population with dignified conditions to do their job in the sector and also to provide access to the same quality water and sewerage networks that serve tourists, among other things.
  • Intersectoral action. The experience is based on intersectoral work, calling on the various actors involved with Tourism and the promotion of Health. It has contributed to the collaboration between the public and private sectors. The information reported does not explain in detail how this coordination and collaboration has taken place.
  • Evidence of results. The scientific evidence presented relates to preventing disease and protecting health as the best example of effectiveness. This information was obtained by systematic evaluation visits (audits) with the proper research tools applied. The available information does not specify what instruments and what results have been obtained in the different measurements.
  • Social participation. Social participation is frequently mentioned, although available information does not specify how this took place.